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Fassil Ethiopian Restaurant
The Best Ethiopian Cuisine in Vancouver

Every Monday and Tuesday  Vegetarian Night 
Vegetarian Dishes  are $8.99



The Scene
Fassil Restaurant was named after King FASSIL, also known as Emperor Fasiladas (reigend 1632-1667). The founder of Gondar was Emperor Fasiladas who, tiring of the pattern of migration that had characterized the lifestyle of so many
of his forefathers, moved his capital here in 1636 AD.By the late 1640s he had built a great castle
here, which stands today in a grassy compound surrounded  by  other  fortresses  of  later construction. With its huge towers and looming battlemented walls, it seems like a piece of medieval Europe transposed to Ethiopia.


Enjoy a bit of Ethiopian Culture:
Try Gursha!!


The technique of hand feeding your Dinner companion by placing chunks of food into the mouth .We would like for you to experience the art of Gursha and enjoy the delicacy to it’s fullest.
Traditional Way of eating Injera .More on Gursha





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